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Best dog hair remover

No more wasting time and money on dryer sheets and sticky lint rollers. Our Pro lint remover is by far the best dog hair remover on the market and you get fast, easy, and long-lasting results in a flash.


Easily removes lint, cat and dog hair, crumbs and hidden carpet hairs without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Portable Lint

Copper head

Easily removes
cat and dog hair

Restores your

Our lint remover is lightweight and easy to use, allowing you to quickly and easily remove lint from your clothing on the go.

Easily remove cat and dog hair and lint from carpet and clothes without using dryer sheets with this convenient and easy to use lint shaver.

pure copper head wear resistant tooth culter
car seat cushion hair cleaner

Pro Lint Remover:
The best dog hair remover

The perfect handy tool for cat and dog hair removal. This is a great lint and hair remover that works on carpet, upholstery and fabric.

It’s easy to use and won’t damage your surface, so you can quickly and easily remove pet hair from all sorts of surfaces.

Specifically designed for pet owners and it’s great for picking up pet hair, dust and lint from surfaces like couches, beds, and car seats.

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